A few examples of our work in practice

Accelerated development of managers into leaders
We were mandated by an innovative high-tech organisation where we worked together with the existing executives, managers and HRM to achieve an accelerated development of the existing leadership potential. By working with the business to give this process form and structure, today’s managers are actively working on their professional development in order to become the leaders in the near future.

A single shared perspective leads to improved collaboration
At one of our clients – an industrial organisation- there was a lack of confidence in the board, as well as a high absence rate due to illness, a lack of career development opportunities and a large number of disputes, both within and between departments. In addition, this was exacerbated by a culture where everyone blamed everyone else. Brought in by this employer, we have now brought about both improved collaboration and a change in mindset, so that people have now started working together again in order to find solutions to the problems that exist.

Assessment as an objective tool for shaping and implementing a reorganisation process
For a reorganisation of a large-scale judicial body, we carried out assessments to decide as objectively and accurately as possible which employment position would be most appropriate for each person, and also mapped out the level of investment that was needed and feasible for each person in order to give him a fair chance of success in his new position. In doing so, we devoted much time to the people themselves, answered their questions and were able to address any doubts they may have had, which meant that each person could present his or her real self and that the assessment greatly benefited both the organisation and its employees.