We support your learning process by encouraging you in a way that is both respectful, constructive and inspirational.

Coaching is an effective way of helping people individually, in one-on-one sessions, to work more effectively and to enable them to enjoy their work more. Depending on what is necessary, we intervene at the level of behaviour, skills, values, or at the deeper level of the subconscious.

Sometimes the issue that needs to be worked on is very clear, for instance if someone lacks the ability to influence others, be assertive or lacks managerial skills.
In other cases, it is sometimes less clear what the problem and/or its cause(s) are, for example if people are overtired, are getting caught up in disputes all the time or are delivering sloppy work.
Sometimes the problems are more personal in nature and involve dysfunctional behaviour or stubborn patterns of behaviour. These may in turn relate to dealing with the fear of failure, being affected by a negative self-image or being oversensitive.

In all cases, the first step is for us to conduct an intake interview with the coachee – and if desirable, with his or her superior also present – to look at what is causing the problems in the current work situation and at the points for development. In some cases, and in consultation with the parties involved, we also carry out psychological testing, in order to gain a better understanding of someone’s preferred style of behaviour. We then draw up a written proposal for a tailor-made coaching programme, which we start once all parties have agreed to it.
The form and content of our coaching programmes are very varied, because each coachee, client organisation and problem is unique. However, our extensive experience with a range of coaching techniques means we always find an approach (and action plan) that is the best possible fit with the coachee’s needs. We believe that it is also important to encourage contact between the coachee and his (or her) environment and we also actively keep in touch with your organisation and the manager in question. This is also to ensure that you can provide the coachee with maximum support during his or her personal development process.
A key feature of all our coaching programmes is that we take a personal, positive and practical approach that is also tailored to the coachee’s individual character and to the environment in which (s)he operates.

Examples of the coaching themes:
• Lately, I have so little energy and no longer feel like I want to go to my workplace.
• I am having more and more disputes with my manager and don’t really know how to deal with this.
• I find myself very tense when I make a presentation and have noticed that – increasingly – I am avoiding such situations.
• I am very ambitious but am not really sure which direction I should now go in.
• I worry about my work a lot and can’t switch off from it at home either.
• I have had a managerial position for six months now but am not sure how I should implement this role in practice and whether it is right for me.
• I often get bogged down at work, can’t see clearly what’s going on and often don’t finish my work.
• I feel that I can no longer keep all the plates spinning at the same time and that I am failing at everything.

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