Those who take part in our assessment process have found it to be positive, stimulating and familiar.

An assessment makes it possible to catalogue someone’s abilities and skills quickly, thoroughly and accurately. We use an in-depth interview, psychological testing and role-playing exercises to provide an overview of people’s abilities, personal preferences and styles of behaviour. In addition to finding possible points for development and improvement, we also focus on those qualities that a person possesses, that compensate for those personal characteristics that require attention.

There are a number of different goals that an assessment may have. For example:
• In case of a selection assessment, we report on the extent to which there is a match between the job profile and a person’s qualities.
• In case of a development assessment, we report on the qualities that a candidate needs in order to be able to step up to or move into an employment position whose requirements will be more demanding than or different to the present job requirements of this person. We also provide useful information on the investments that the various parties would have to make in this regard.
• In case of an assessment of career potential, we provide an overview of the appropriate follow-up steps for a person’s career development, given their abilities, skills, interests and areas for development.
Before the assessment takes place, we will agree with you precisely what needs to be explored. For example, in case of a selection assessment we can work together to find an answer to the question: ‘In our organisation, what distinguishes a successful employee from a less successful one?’ and then incorporate this answer into the way we conduct the assessment process.

We take a personal approach during our assessment process and treat the participants as equals. After all, in order to obtain a complete and accurate picture of the person, it is important that s/he can present his or her case and do bring out their best. Accordingly, we start the assessment day with an extensive ‘getting to know you’ session in which we discuss the assessment’s focus and give the participant the opportunity to ask questions and to express any concerns s/he has. We also believe it is important that the advice we give is listened to and accepted. After all, this is a prerequisite for the implementation of the advice we give.
At the end of the assessment day, we discuss the results obtained with the participant, meaning that s/he participates in the analytical process that is based on the assessment that has been carried out. The participant is now given the opportunity to qualify the results and to ask questions. The end-result is invariably that the participant heads home from the assessment satisfied and with new insights into his patterns of behaviour, as well as with the feeling that the organisation has taken time to see him and to listen to his side of the story. This also means that the assessment report that we produce shortly thereafter only contains observations and conclusions that are familiar to the participant. People experience their assessment day at Human Perspective as one that is both positive and encouraging.

Examples of subjects for assessment:
• The outcome of our selection procedure is three potential candidates for the position of Team Leader. We would like to know which of them would be the best fit with our organisation.
• We have an in-house candidate for a front-office vacancy who is currently employed in our back office. Please verify whether he possesses adequate commercial skills for this position without the need to make too great an investment.
• If our reorganisation is to succeed then our staff will have to become more customer-focussed. Please provide an overview of each employee’s qualities and of the qualities that they still need to develop and improve in this regard.
• We have more employees than we actually need. Please work with them to find out what could be an appropriate next step for their careers.
• We now have a vacancy in our team, so please provide us with an overview of the qualities that the remaining members of our team possess and of those that are now lacking due to the vacancy.