We quickly come up with a comprehensive analysis of your situation that allows us to bring into focus both the actual problem itself and the specific follow-up action.

In our combined 50 years of experience as organisational and occupational psychologists, we learned that each situation is unique and as a result, if solutions are to be successful, they have to be tailor-made. In all cases, our approach to deliver high-quality advice starts with us carefully mapping out all aspects of the situation that requires our attention.

Sometimes it is really obvious which problem-solving approach should be chosen, for example if an organisation wants to develop and implement a Performance Management System. If, on the other hand, an organisation embarks on a new strategic course that means that employees will have to learn new skills. This is also the case if departments, that have different corporate cultures, have to start collaborating with each other.
However, in some cases it is harder to say precisely what the problem and its cause are, for example if the absence rates due to illness ‘suddenly’ increase, if there is resistance to certain changes, or if it has been established that a different type of leadership is required but it is – as yet – undefined.

In each case, we will first work with you to find out precisely what is going on. We will provide you with a clear and accurate analysis and with a detailed and realistic action plan that incorporates both the knowledge and experience already present within your organisation and yourself, in addition to our expertise, curiosity and ‘fresh’ perspective. By creating clarity and trust, we ensure that a support base is formed that enables everybody to start working on the issues together.
This may be in the form of content-related support for the in-house professional, which may include drafting a job or competency profile, taking change-related decisions or implementing a management development programme.
When desired, we can help you to implement our recommendations, for example by actually writing job or competency profiles, carrying out assessments and development centres, coaching employees and providing training programmes.

Example of requests for advice:

• Can you help us to develop and implement a Performance Management System?
• We would like to implement a mentorship framework within our organisation – what would be the best way to realise this, select the right people and train them to become mentors?
• We want to make the process of developing our employees more formal as well as more structured.
• We want to attract our future leaders right here, right now. Can you help us to develop and implement a traineeship programme and to steer their development path in the right direction?
• Our organisation is governed by a culture of self-interest which means that the various departments are not collaborating properly. What can we do to improve this?
• Employees have little confidence in the management team, resulting in passive and other types of resistance. Can you help us to remedy this situation?

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