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Human Perspective helps organisations to solve personnel and work-related issues, to implement chosen problem-solving approaches and to direct change processes.

What can Human Perspective offer you?

We quickly come up with a comprehensive analysis of your situation that allows us to bring into focus both the actual problem itself and the specific follow-up action. In our combined 50 years of experience as organisational and occupational psychologists, we learned that each situation is unique and as a result, if solutions are to be successful, they have to be tailor-made. In all cases, our approach to deliver high-quality advice starts with us carefully mapping out all aspects of the situation that requires our attention.

We support your learning process by encouraging you in a way that is respectful, constructive and inspirational. Coaching is an effective way of helping people individually, in one-on-one sessions, to work more effectively and to enable them to enjoy their work more. Depending on what is necessary, we intervene at the level of behaviour, skills, values, or at the deeper level of the subconscious.

Those who take part in our assessment process have found it to be positive, stimulating and familiar. An assessment makes it possible to catalogue someone’s abilities and skills quickly, thoroughly and accurately. We use an in-depth interview, psychological testing and role-playing exercises to provide an overview of people’s abilities, personal preferences and styles of behaviour. In addition to finding possible points for development and improvement, we also focus on those qualities that a person possesses, that compensate for those personal characteristics that require attention.

We bring about actual changes in behaviour, in both the shorter and longer term. Training is an effective way of teaching people a particular skill or changing dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and conduct in a group of people. Learning with and from each other means you can both improve your efficiency and find it more enjoyable to work together.

About Human Perspective

We are Angelique van Geerenstein and Brigitte van Birgelen. We are advisors, coaches and trainers in the field of personal and organisational development. Twenty-five years ago, we started studying psychology, driven by our fascination with people. Following this, we familiarised ourselves with the subject in all its many facets, first through a decade of working for well-known agencies and then as freelancers. Gradually, we have learned to focus on the precise issues and problems that hinder the processes of performance, communication and collaboration within an organisation. What we have mastered as well is the way to translate this comprehensive analysis into a detailed and tailor-made action plan and subsequently implement it. Our clients, most of whom are directors, managers and HR professionals in both the public and private sectors, see us as their collaborative partners. We provide useful input and real support.

Human Perspective - Angelique en Brigitte

What our clients say about us

“Your strength is that your knowledge, expertise and experience mean that you can deliver tailor-made solutions time and time again. Whichever coachee I refer to you for an intake, the feedback that I always get is that things click and that both the coachee and the manager feel that your proposed approach is the right one. In addition, your proposals are always a 100% fit with the needs of the coachee and his or her environment. Despite the high expectations that we now have of you, we know that every time you will meet and surpass them.”

HR Manager, Innovative Knowledge Institute

“The training programme is put together in such a way that every participant can get a great deal out of it and people can learn from each other. It’s not about learning a little trick that in practice you forget again right after the training programme. It is actually an entire process, a combination of individual coaching elements, with an additional bonus being the knowledge, experience and feedback we get from the group. It is the atmosphere that you create that makes this possible. And the most important thing is that I completely mastered the issue myself and no longer even have to think about it.”

Senior Associate, International Financial Services Provider

“I would like to thank you very much for the many insights I received during the assessment day. The personal and genuinely interested approach that you have taken has allowed me to show my real self. Thanks to you, I have been able to reflect on myself in a safe setting and in doing so have learned a lot about my qualities and areas for development.”

Manager Production, International Industrial Services Provider

Our projects

Read more about how we have achieved accelerated development of the existing leadership potential within an innovative high-tech organisation, how the creation of a single shared perspective within an industrial organisation has led to improved collaboration, and how an assessment can be used as an objective tool to shape the reorganisation process within a large-scale judicial body.

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